Engine Branding Optimization

Engine Branding Optimization, the next generation of automotive digital online marketing & Automotive Reputation Management has arrived! Read more…

Online Reputation Monitoring & Managment

1 out of 5 consumers are influenced by online reviews. Do you know what consumers are saying about your business online?

Search Engine Optimization

Are you anxious to grow your business, professional practice, or membership group? If so, we can help!

Social Media Marketing

Social Marketing is often defined as applying marketing principles to bring about public good. Learn More…

Video Marketing

#vidit is a way to get people to stop, look at and listen to a short introductory message about your business. Video Branding is as easy as 1-2-3!

Pay per click Campaigns

It is a major decision for a business to pay for management of online marketing campaigns. Let us help you decide. read more…

Mobile Marketing

Once a retailer understands the importance of utilizing mobile markets for the purpose of increasing revenue, it is vitally important to plan how consumers will interact with a company’s mobile presence.

Email Marketing

Learn more about WHY? you need to stay in touch with your customers as often as possible. Read more

How much business are you losing because people can’t find you online?

What happens when someone searches for your business on the Internet? Do they find you, or do they find your competition?

How do you know who your website visitors are? Do you have a contact capture strategy, or do you just cross your fingers and hope they will call you?

Find It Media is a new media marketing agency that blends customer-focused, solution-oriented, direct response strategies with hands-on implementation to generate measurable results for businesses and organizations that want to expand and prosper.

Using a holistic approach, the Find It Media consultant evaluates and analyzes a client’s overall marketing picture to identify strengths and opportunities for improvement.

The Find It Media team combines sales, marketing, public relations, design and programming experience to deliver exceptional results in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Based in Harrisburg, PA, and Phoenix, AZ Find It Media, was started in 2006 by search optimization expert Jennifer Sultzaberger and includes a team of Internet marketing specialists that provide a range of services including:

  • Search Engine Optimization, SEO Organically through Website Home Page Revamps that better position your web pages for both the search engines and human visitors to increase visibility, viewership and sales conversions;
  • Engine Branding Optimization, EBO through a patent pending technology through our one of a kind syndicated network using keywords search patterns you want to be found for by the major search engines, Google, Yahoo and bing
  • Lead Generation Systems that utilize custom “eKiosks”  that are targeted to narrowly-defined geographic and product or service-specific keywords search patterns for better search engine positioning and sales conversions;
  • Email Marketing Campaigns that keep your name and offers in front of prospects and customers to entice them to visit your website or contact you directly, thereby leading to increased buying activity;
  • #VideoMarketing Campaigns by #vidit that distribute video clips you provide or that we create for you to create widespread brand awareness that leads to highly-targeted traffic to your website;
  • http://www.findit-media.com/wp-admin/edit.php?post_type=page
  • Strategic Internet Marketing Advice and Counsel to evaluate your overall online activities to boost productivity and lower your overall cost of marketing.

We get listings to your business on the first page of the search engines within 30 days! What this means to you is, we create a new website for you or revamp your current website to appeal to both human visitors and the search engines. We create an entire strategy that is integrated with your traditional marketing efforts. Your website will complement and augment your entire marketing activities. This integration can significantly reduce your overall marketing budget for third party leads provider or Pay per Click marketing campaigns by up to 40% and increase sales and profits at the same time! Let our online advertising agency help you grow your business using the power of the Internet!